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$10,000 World Height Jump Challenge! is a gaming video in the Minecraft series created by MrBeast and uploaded on the MrBeast Gaming channel. In this video, a hundred players try to do a series of free falls to the water, and over time, more obstacles are added to halt the process, and the person who does this process the longest wins $10,000.


"We see who can drop the best in Minecraft. It gets pretty epic and insane." ― Official video description


At 9:47, a player named Jertsu005, who also won Last to Survive Random Blocks wins $10,000 - Challenge, lasted the longest by being the only survivor of the final jump and won the $10,000.



The thumbnail shows Jimmy's real face on the left side of the thumbnail, and the rest of the thumbnail shows his character in first-person where he is falling to the pool.