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Beast Philanthropy is an American charity, food pantry, non-profit organization, and YouTube channel created by MrBeast. The food pantry is operated by Darren, who initially appeared in the videos I Adopted EVERY Dog in a Dog Shelter and I Bought Everything In 5 Stores on the main channel.

Given that MrBeast has previously done a wide variety of things to assist both poor and middle-class people in the videos, behind the scenes, he has a goal of ultimately helping lots of people around the world and feeding those in need, so he has opened his charity for the purpose of giving away free food to poor people.

The model of this charity essentially works as a mobile food distribution network and doesn't keep its food drive in the same place. It is established to address the food insecurity needs of remote and under-served food deserts. These are communities who don’t have access to traditional food banks or food pantries, so their mobile food distribution model allows them to service a number of communities, transporting meals to the people who need it most.


This channel was launched on September 28, 2020, and from then, Jimmy has been continuously talking about giving away food and such. On March 26, 2021, MrBeast uploaded a video titled I Opened My Own Charity! explaining how the charity works, how it is operated, and what the crew has done so far. From then, he has been uploading philanthropy videos on a monthly basis, and these 3-to-5-minute videos show Jimmy and other people of the team giving out free stuff for other people.

In July 2021, they have stated that they have served over 500,000 pounds of food. The team also plans to serve to more communities as the charity grows. In the future, they expect to serve as a central food distribution warehouse for 20 to 40 different communities.

In November 2021, Jimmy has stated that they have reached their goal of serving a total of a million pounds of food.[1]

Two months after that, Jimmy has stated that they have served a million meals and are averaging at giving away 80,000 meals per month.[2] They have also stated that they opened up a website, called, for the purpose of letting the viewers donate additional money if viewing the videos on the channel wasn't enough.

Later in 2022, MrBeast changed the icon from the style of the main channel to reflect the design of the beast icon on channels like MrBeast Gaming and Beast Reacts, with the main color of the beast being shades of white.

Major events before the first video[]

On Thanksgiving in 2020, MrBeast and his team went by a local community during Thanksgiving, and people from that community couldn't afford food for a Thanksgiving dinner, so the team packed around a thousand boxes, each containing thirty meals.

On Christmas in 2020, the team packed over 23,000 meals and made sure that there was enough food to eat for people in need.

After that, a local disaster has happened, and more free food was given to the people who were impacted from that disaster.

All of these donations cost a total of $500,000.[3]


Currently, the warehouse of Jimmy's charity stores around hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and the team behind the charity tend to do weekly deliveries of food for people in need. The team stated that they are doing four food drives a week and give such food to people in need.


Currently, this charity impacts in North Carolina because that is the state where MrBeast lives in and where the charity is operated. In addition to that, the state had a massive food insecurity problem, and in 2019, more than 1.4 million people from that state were below the poverty line, even before the COVID-19 pandemic. However, as the charity eventually grows with more subscribers, Jimmy hopes to expand the scope of the project to include more locations.

Revenue and costs[]

Initially, the charity relied on a part of the revenue of the other channels, like the main and gaming channels. However, given that Jimmy wanted to grow the charity even more but didn't make enough money to achieve his higher standards, he decided to open up this channel. Now, it relies on revenue coming from the Beast Philanthropy channel. 100% of the revenue (including brand deals, merchandise sales, and advertisement revenue) from that channel will go towards funding it for food.

In March 2021, $500,000 was spent for the food. The cost would however be more affordable if more people viewed the channel at the time. As of now, the charity costs hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of dollars, especially that this channel by itself is at a net loss, given that Jimmy pays the entire team to make videos and to run the charity.

As of January 2022, the team opened up an official website dedicated to philanthropy at for the purpose of the viewers to donate additional money to the people if need if viewing the videos wasn't enough.



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