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Can 1,000 Rolls Of Duct Tape Stop A Car?? is an experiment video created by MrBeast. In this video, Jimmy tried experimenting by putting a border made out of a thousand rolls of duct tape (supported by two wooden poles with cement below them) and by driving to it.

The answer to this video is that the car can easily go through one, two, and three duct tapes. Moreover, at a decently high speed, the car managed to get through even a thousand duct tapes at 5:49.


"WILL THE CAR MAKE IT THROUGH?" ― Official video description



The thumbnail shows the border of a thousand rolls of duct tape and Jimmy attempting to drive through it.


  • This video was sponsored by PUBG Mobile.
  • The beginning of the video shows an early 2018 meme, which is Ugandan Knuckles.