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These are the people who have appeared (more than once) in MrBeast's videos. Some people in here may have briefly or never appeared in MrBeast's videos, but those people have a close affiliation with the main crew (for example, Maddy Spidell is MrBeast's girlfriend who made a couple of brief appearances in the channel).

Note that when creating or editing pages for affiliates, make sure to add public information only (to prevent any invasion of privacy), this means information available on MrBeast's videos (e.g. they participated in this challenge and won $50,000, or they're a cameraman/editor for MrBeast), or at most, the more recent posts in the affiliate's social media (e.g. they recently and publicly stated that they are now married or that they live in this particular US state). If they're a YouTuber, some brief information about who they are and what they do on their channel is allowed.

Also, when adding a page for a person who appeared in the channel(s), only do so when that person appears more than once, unless if they have any relations or any other notability by any other means.

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