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I Ate the World's Largest Slice of Pizza is an expensive challenge video created by MrBeast. In this video, MrBeast along with up to six teammates (it should be noted that overtime in the video, the number of teammates on MrBeast's side increased) attempt to complete onto who can eat the world's largest slice of pizza faster. The only contestant that is on the opposing side of MrBeast is Joey Chestnut, who is known for being one of the world's fastest eaters, mainly due to the adaptation of eating food fast, minimizing chewing and drinking water.


"This slice of pizza was expensive..." ― Official video description


Joey Chestnut singlehandedly won this challenge and ate the pizza fully in 32 minutes and 13 seconds before the seven competitors on one team could finish the slice. Joey Chestnut was rewarded with a pizza trophy.

In addition, the combined weight of MrBeast, Chris, and Chandler at the start of the challenge was 537 pounds, which increased to 547 pounds at the end of the challenge. Joey Chestnut's initial weight was 229 pounds, which increased to 250 pounds at the end of the challenge.



The thumbnail features MrBeast holding the bottom part of the very large slice of pizza in a kitchen. His mouth is open in shock.


  • When it ended when they weigh themselves combined MrBeast Says "547 LBS" instead of "541 LBS" and also they gained 4 LBS not 10 LBS.