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I Gave People $1,000,000 But ONLY 1 Minute To Spend It!, formerly Spending $1,000,000 in 60 Seconds Challenge, is an expensive video created by MrBeast. In this video, they go to random people and ask them to spend as much money as possible in one minute.


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Person What they bought Money spent Exact time spent Location
A father and his son Electronics, gift cards $18,000 1 minute, 10.4 seconds Walmart
Ashley Jewelery $60,990 Around 30 seconds Jewelery store
Sean Jacobs Games and gaming consoles $7,423.32 Around 1 minute Game store
Chris's Dad Weedwackers, lawnmowers, mini tractors, large tractor $80,000+ Around 30 seconds John Deere
Jordan Electronics (TVs, headphones, etc.), books, notebooks, snacks (all of this stuff is for her students) Around $10,000, but she was given $10,000 since she didn't buy anything for herself 5 minutes then an additional 5 minutes for more stuff Walmart
Mitch A Tesla car (Mitch had to run in a football field-sized ground with cars lined up from the least expensive to the most expensive, then drive the car that he chose back to where he started.) $40,000 54 seconds (there were 6 extra seconds that he didn't need) Somewhere outside
Brandon Many presents (Brandon had to put as many presents as he can inside the red circle), including GoPro Hero 7, 2 AirPods Pro, 2 AirPods, Echo, iPhone 12, 2 PS4 Pros, Sony Soundbar, 4 Gaming PCs, skateboard, Keurig, waffle maker, Roku, mouse, Blue Yeti, Hot Wheels, speaker, Oculus Quest, money box, mini trampoline, wireless charger, Beats headphones, Macbook Pro, iPad Air, jackbox, PS5 controller, grill, HP monitor, troll doll, log truck, iPad Mini, dragon toy, couch, trampoline, PS5, 2 Apple Watches, Pokémon cards, office chair, toy tool set, iPad, Apple TV, gift cards. $15,840 3 minutes, 2.46 seconds MrBeast's own store
Shaun the security guard Many presents (Shaun had to put as many presents as he can inside the red circle), including 2 gaming PCs, bathtub, alien toy, lawnmower, basketball rim, Macbook Air, 2 Apple Watch 6, crocpot, 2 Samsung 65" TVs, massage pad, office chair, Roomba, armchair, microwave oven, dartboard, vacuum, kitchen set toy, gift cards $8,525 3 minutes MrBeast's own store
Matt Jimmy bought up to 90 things that are twice as expensive (or twice the things) as the things that Matt touched, like an Xbox, a camera, a TV, doorknobs, etc. Unknown No time limit Karl's house



It shows a kid looking at a red Capital One credit card handed by a crew. The kid is in a blue t-shirt, and is staring at the credit card with wide eyes. There is text that says "Unlimited Credit Card". In the current thumbnail, it shows Jimmy and the kid being on the street, but in the previous thumbnail, they were in the mall.