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I Survived 50 Hours In A Maximum Security Prison, formerly I Spent 50 Hours in A Maximum Security Prison, I Spent 50 Hours In Prison, is a challenge video created by MrBeast. In this video, Jimmy and seven of his friends spend 50 hours in an actual prison cell and they must do what real prisoners do. They are locked in four cells, with two people in each cell. All of the MrBeast members of the video had to be treated like actual prisoners, and this includes doing chores like mopping or cooking.

Nolan pranked the guards by telling them his last name was "Imagine Dragon These Nuts On Your Face", was caught misbehaving, and was sent to solitary confinement for having a knife. He also tried to escape.


"I can’t believe this prison let me do this lol" ― Official video description


All of the crew members were excited when the challenge ended. Most of them managed to go through these 50 hours well, except Nolan, where he was desperately trying to escape, hence he was put in solitary.



The thumbnail shows Jimmy suffering inside a prison cell.


  • This is the first time in a long time that none of the Beast Gang (aside from Jimmy himself) showed up in the video (this means Chris, Chandler, and Karl).
  • Jimmy has done something like this with that being, I Spent 24 Hours Straight In Prison - Challenge and most likey similar to I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement.
  • It's unlikely that Nolan legitimately stayed in solitary after the video. Even though the video ended with him not being freed, he was freed off-camera, since he appeared in the next video. Him staying in solitary during the video may educate the viewers on what happens if a prisoner attempts to escape or disobey what he is told to do, but is also done for satrical purposes.