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Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins $50,000 is an expensive challenge video created by MrBeast. In this video, there are 4 challengers. The last one to leave wins $20,000 but if Chandler wins he gets $50,000 due to never winning a challenge before.


"We built a revolving door last one to keep revolving wins $20,000 unless it's Chandler if Chandler wins this challenge he gets $50,000." ― Official video description

Features added

  • Basketball: Anyone that makes a goal wins $1000
  • Cornhole: Anyone that makes a shot in closes gets $300 and the far shot gets $500.
  • Bullseye: Anyone that gets a bullseye by throwing a dart gets $10,000.


  • At 1:31, Dustin makes a far shot in Cornhole winning $500.
  • At 1:38, Zach makes a far shot in Cornhole winning $500.
  • At 6:08, Chris leaves the Revolving door but at the last second jumps and makes a dunk shot winning $1000.
  • At 8:31, Dustin leaves the Revolving door in an attempt to land a dart bullseye but misses.
  • At 10:03, Zach makes another far shot in Cornhole winning another $500.
  • At 10:14, Chandler makes a goal in Basketball winning $1000.
  • At 10:28, Zach leaves the Revolving door, leaving Chandler to finally win his first challenge.



  • This is Chandler's first time winning a challenge after losing challenges.
    • It was revealed by Chris and Jimmy that Chandlers been bullied by the internet for three weeks.
  • Everyone got money from the features added.
  • During filming day in MrBeast's story on Instagram, he told Chandler if he doesn't win, he'll be fired forever and become a janitor once again whatever it takes to save time. "So please win."
  • The video's title foreshadows his victory, as the amount of money is $50,000 which is how much Chandler ended up winning. The others would have won $20,000 in case of their victory.