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This is a list of short MrBeast videos on the MrBeast Shorts channel. These videos are always under a minute and are usually recorded in a vertical 9:16 aspect ratio.

These shorts can sometimes be served as ideas for the main channel, but given that they don't usually need to be over ten minutes long, the videos of these ideas can only last less than a minute to get straight to the point and are posted here.

Thumbnail Title Upload date Length

World's Longest Whopper Train! LOL

World's Longest Whopper Train! LOL August 22, 2020 0:14

The video shows Jimmy making Whopper chocolate balls slide on a track spanning through a staircase, with Chandler and Chris trying to eat them. There are a few Whoppers at the start, then Jimmy pours the rest on the track and the staircase. The video ends with Chandler successfully eating a Whopper from the track.


How To Never Lose Rock Paper Scissors Again!

How To Never Lose Rock Paper Scissors Again! August 24, 2020 0:13

The video shows Jimmy initially saying "stop scrolling" because he wanted to give the viewers attention on how he never loses rock, paper, scissors. What he did was pick scissors and claim it's an "easy game".


Unlimited Money Machine

Unlimited Money Machine August 25, 2020 0:21

The video shows a sign where if someone presses the button, they get everything they want, which includes money. Chris presses it, and money rains over him. Next, Carlos presses the button and receives a bunch of electronics. Finally, when Chandler presses it, cheeseballs rain over him and he tries to eat them.


Launching a $40,000 Firework!

Launching a $40,000 Firework! September 11, 2020 0:23

The video shows Jimmy saying that he is going to launch 4,000 fireworks, then those fireworks were later launched into the sky.


I've Never Blinked In My Life

I've Never Blinked In My Life September 12, 2020 0:13

The video shows Jimmy telling his viewers to stop scrolling because he bets the viewer has blinked before he did and he also claimed that he never blinked. Chris came up behind him to surprise him while shooting a Nerf gun, and that made Jimmy surprised, which also made him blink. The crew said to subscribe to the channel.

  • The video might possibly mock YouTuber Morgz because Morgz doesn't often blink.

Watch Out!

Watch Out! September 13, 2020 0:08

The video shows Jimmy throwing a pool noodle at Karl, but then, the pool noodle landed on his body and it was stuck there, then Chris said that they'll get out of here. The crew then said to subscribe to the channel.

  • When the pool noodle landed on Karl, there was the audio of an Arrow from Minecraft landing.
  • Bowser from the Mario franchise appeared at the beginning of this video.

Guess the Number and Win a $1,000,000

Guess the Number and Win a $1,000,000 September 14, 2020 0:32

The video starts with Jimmy asking why the crew is here. He tells them to guess a number, and if they guessed it correctly, they win a million dollars. Tyler guessed 7,469, Lacoya guessed 1,243, Karl guessed 7, and Taylor guessed 24. Turns out none of them guessed correctly, because the correct number is 10 and everyone was shocked for guessing incorrectly.


I Filled A Swimming Pool With Money!

I Filled A Swimming Pool With Money! September 15, 2020 0:32

The video shows Jimmy consistently being inside the pool full of $1 dollar bills because he said that he gains $1 for every subscriber he got on the MrBeast Shorts video. He plans to buy a skittle for every subscriber on that channel for a challenge. The video ends with Jimmy comedically having a dollar bill on his mouth.

  • Despite greeting his fans as "gamers", this isn't on the MrBeast Gaming channel.

Baby Throwing Contest

Baby Throwing Contest September 16, 2020 0:21

The video shows Jimmy talking about throwing baby dolls, then Chris throws one, then a different person throws one, then Chandler does the same.

  • Chandler had underwear on his head.
  • There was an error where the outro tells the viewer to subscribe if they guessed the right number, even though that was supposed to be in the video "Guess the Number and Win a $1,000,000".


I FOUND BIG FOOT IN THE WOODS! September 17, 2020 0:09

The video shows Jimmy in a car saying that he controls one of the most exotic forests in the world. However, Karl shows up and tries to get in the car because of Bigfoot, but then Jimmy left without him.


I Am The World’s Greatest Samurai

I Am The World’s Greatest Samurai September 18, 2020 0:10

The video shows Jimmy wanting to cut an apple with a katana. He quickly opened and closed the Katana, then in the background, Chandler's fake right arm fell off, then Jimmy said that it didn't work.


The video is based on the mobile action game Fruit Ninja.


$10,000 Challenge

$10,000 Challenge September 19, 2020 0:42

Jimmy explains the challenge, where a crew member has a golf ball that lands on a certain spot with a certain reward, but if it landed on the narrowest spot, they win $10,000. Numerous people like Karl and Tyler tried this challenge but none of them won.


My Friend’s Duct Taped Me To A Wall

My Friend’s Duct Taped Me To A Wall September 20, 2020 0:09

The video shows Chandler being duct-taped to a wall and floating.


Giving A Random Person A Car For No Reason

Giving A Random Person A Car For No Reason September 24, 2020 0:42

In this video, Jimmy explains that he'll give away a free car to a random person for no reason and to see how long it takes for this to happen. Karl and Chandler were standing beside him. A lady shows up and Jimmy tells her that the car is now hers.


The Funniest Joke You Will Ever Hear In Your Life

The Funniest Joke You Will Ever Hear In Your Life September 25, 2020 0:07

The video shows Jimmy talking to Chris about what he got, and he got a 4 clip. Jimmy said he got a fork, then Chris says to lift it, then Jimmy lifts it using his arm.


I Put A Firework Under A Trashcan

I Put A Firework Under A Trashcan September 26, 2020 0:14

The video shows Jimmy and the crew lighting up a firework under a trash can, then throwing a toy chicken near it. Then, the firework explodes. It may have almost hit Jimmy, but he was fine.


This is funny, I promise!

This is funny, I promise! November 13, 2020 0:15

The video shows the sink as MrBeast's channel. He has 3 water cups which are challenges, torturing himself, and torturing his friends. He pours these cups into the sink because those elements represent his channel. Moreover, when he read the sign of giving away money, he poured a whole water bucket at the sink because it is the main element that represents his channel.


I Threw My Recording Phone Into A Ceiling Fan

I Threw My Recording Phone Into A Ceiling Fan November 14, 2020 0:07

Jimmy tells Chris and Karl that he is going to throw the phone at the ceiling fan, which he did, then the phone landed on the floor, Chris or Karl flipped the phone showing Chris and Karl.


Trapping Karl

Trapping Karl November 17, 2020 0:09

Jimmy tells Karl to scream as loud as he can. As Karl screams as loud as he can, Chris closes the door.


I Put Fireworks in a Car

I Put Fireworks in a Car January 6, 2021 0:22

MrBeast says that he is going to put fireworks in a car. Chandler opens the car door for him, then MrBeast puts the fireworks inside the car. Once he and the crew do a countdown, Jimmy pressed the button to set off the fireworks, and as so, the fireworks exploded inside the car.


He Bet $20,000 On A Coinflip, And Won

He Bet $20,000 On A Coinflip, And Won January 7, 2021 0:16

MrBeast tells a subscriber that was given the challenge of flipping an item that has two sides: flip to either double his reward from $10,000 to $20,000 or nothing. He flipped it and won $20,000.


50 Foot Lego Tower Falls Over

50 Foot Lego Tower Falls Over January 8, 2021 0:07

With the instability of the 50 foot Lego tower, it eventually falls over.


Are You Subscribed?

Are You Subscribed? January 12, 2021 0:23

A subscriber told MrBeast that he subscribed to his channel, and as a result, Jimmy gave him money. Jimmy then asked a group of boys if they have also subscribed, but none of them did, so they received nothing. Later on, MrBeast tells the viewers to subscribe to him while doing the marathon because someone can bump into him and get money if they subscribed. Later on, a young boy was walking with Jimmy and he showed Jimmy that he is subscribed to MrBeast, so he received money in compensation. The boy later walks back to the car, and the boy's mother thanked Jimmy for the money.


Giving Away Karl’s Car

Giving Away Karl’s Car January 14, 2021 0:29

MrBeast says that he has a car that he wants Karl to unfold. So, Karl unfolded the car and was happy. His original car was destroyed in Get This Random Person 1,000,000 Subscribers then Karl received a new car, in which he later sold, so he bought a third car. However, he gave it away to Luke, and Karl was doing a fake smile at the end.


I Found This On His Phone...

I Found This On His Phone... January 15, 2021 0:56

MrBeast told a subscriber to give him his phone, and he did so. Jimmy opens YouTube, searches himself, and tells the subscriber that he receives $100 for every video that he watched. Given that he watched five videos: I Adopted EVERY Dog in a Dog Shelter, I Bought The World's Largest Firework ($600,000), I Broke Into A House And Left $50,000, Would You Rather Have $100,000 OR This Mystery Key?, and I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement, he received $600, the extra $100 is because of the fact that he watched "I Spent 50 Hours In Solitary Confinement" entirely. Though, he theoretically didn't watch any other videos before that. At the end, the crew jokingly got mad and kept his phone in their case.


They Lost A Bet...

They Lost A Bet... January 19, 2021 0:23

MrBeast and the crew covered Chris Tyson, Chandler Hallow, Karl Jacobs, and Tyler Conklin in syrup, then feathers, all of that on the side of a road because they lost a bet in I Survived 24 Hours Straight In Ice.


$100 For Every Push-up

$100 For Every Push-up January 27, 2021 0:41

MrBeast tells Tareq Edris to do push-ups, and for every push-up he does, he gains $100. In the end, Tareq did 40 push-ups so he gains $4,000.


I Bought Everything In A GameStop -Shorts

I Bought Everything In A GameStop #Shorts January 30, 2021 0:27

Basically, MrBeast asked if he can buy everything in the GameStop store and a cashier was fine with it, then him and the crew literally bought everything from it.


If I Give Away $10,000 The Video Ends

If I Give Away $10,000 The Video Ends February 5, 2021 0:38

Basically, MrBeast says that he is going to Walmart, then he walks around Walmart, greets a couple of people and tries to not give them money. However, when he goes to the third person, he gives him $10,000, and that person was shocked.


Prank Calling Dream

Prank Calling Dream February 19, 2021 0:32

Basically, MrBeast tries to go on a phone call with Dream. Jimmy tells him that for the next week, his video idea would be going to school to smeer poop on the desks. Karl tried his best not to laugh during the call, and in the end, Dream has hung up.


PewDiePie Comment On This Video

PewDiePie Comment On This Video February 25, 2021 0:15

Basically, MrBeast tells the viewers to leave a comment and scroll to see PewDiePie's (upcoming) comment. It would be pinned. If he didn't comment, MrBeast, Chris, and Chandler wouldn't move out of the couch. Comedically, Chandler said that their feet stink, then Chris replied the same thing, then Chandler said that he said it first.


$10,000 If He Makes This Shot

$10,000 If He Makes This Shot February 28, 2021 0:31

Basically, MrBeast tells Chandler that if Chandler lands a shot without looking, he would win $10,000. Chandler has three tries, and in all three of them, he failed, so he has won nothing. At the end, Chandler wanted to shake hands with Jimmy, then Jimmy said "sike", and then an explosion appeared.


World's Most Expensive Water Bottle

World's Most Expensive Water Bottle March 4, 2021 0:29

Basically, MrBeast introduces to the viewers a $600 bottle of water, then he poured the water into three cups. Jimmy, Chris, and Chandler held their cups, did their cheers and drank the water to see why it costs so much. They didn't feel anything special and Chandler said it tasted like water, then Jimmy admitted that they got scammed.


World's Best Bathroom Gaming Setup

World's Best Bathroom Gaming Setup March 12, 2021 0:11

Basically, Tareq wants to enter the bathroom since it has been over an hour, so he decided to come in and MrBeast, who is seen gaming in the bathroom, got angry at him. He asked why Tareq was filming him and told him to close the door, as Tareq later did in the video.


I Ate A $1000 Golden Cookie

I Ate A $1000 Golden Cookie March 20, 2021 0:19

Basically, MrBeast and Karl tell that they can order golden cookies online. They then do cheers, eat a bite from the cookie each, and they both like the taste. Jimmy thought that with gold on food, he thinks he could get diarrhea, then Karl comes from behind the door and says "Yes". Jimmy then tells people to subscribe to MrBeast Shorts.


I Am The World’s Greatest Magician

I Am The World’s Greatest Magician April 8, 2021 0:13

MrBeast attempts to make a dollar disappear. He puts it in the hat, he grabs the black blanket and puts it above the hat, but the dollar was still there.

  • Chris was seen on the background with only underwear on.

All My YouTube Play Buttons

All My YouTube Play Buttons April 13, 2021 0:19

MrBeast shows all of the different play buttons he has. He has several silver play buttons for reaching 100,000 subscribers on several channels, 5 golden play buttons for reacting 1,000,000 on his main, gaming, shorts, reactions, and philanthropy channels, 2 diamond play buttons for reaching 10,000,000 on the main and gaming channels, and one custom play button by Daniel Krafft for reaching 50,000,000 subscribers. Jimmy asks Karl where is the diamond play button for the shorts channel and Karl responds that they don't have one yet because they didn't reach 10,000,000, so Jimmy tells the viewers to subscribe.

  • A gag in the comments section is that JackSucksAtLife is competing with the number of play buttons he has.

World’s Largest Cup Tower

World’s Largest Cup Tower April 18, 2021 0:37

MrBeast showcases what he thinks may be the world's largest cup tower. Him and Chris were taking cups off of the tower carefully, then at the end, Jimmy pushed Chris to the tower, then part of the tower collapsed.


$100 For Every Chicken Nugget

$100 For Every Chicken Nugget April 20, 2021 0:42



This Video Is 3 Seconds

This Video Is 3 Seconds April 25, 2021 0:03




My 50,000,000 SUBSCRIBER PLAY BUTTON! May 2, 2021 0:22



Buying All My Merch

Buying All My Merch May 4, 2021 0:47



Only Dream Can Comment On This Video

Only Dream Can Comment On This Video May 4, 2021 0:47



$10,000 If He Rolls A 7

$10,000 If He Rollas A 7 May 12, 2021 0:21



$10,000 If He Rolls A 7

$10,000 If He Rollas A 7 May 12, 2021 0:21


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