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MrBeast Gaming is the third active YouTube channel by MrBeast and the second channel with the most subscribers. The premise of this channel revolves around gaming in general and challenges where player(s) gain a large reward for completing a challenge, like $10,000. Most gaming YouTubers play games solo, but MrBeast always plays with at least some other people, like a crew member (Chris, Chandler, or Karl, and all three of them appear at least in most of the videos), other gaming YouTubers, or even a wide variety of regular players.

As of April 2021, this channel gained a total of 2 billion views and 16.5 million subscribers, making it one of the fastest growing YouTube channels in history.


Historically, MrBeast's regular channel debuted as an obscure gaming channel, before switching to comedy-oriented videos, then later to challenges and donations. Though, to be able to make videos of him and his crew gaming, a separate channel was made, given MrBeast's large audience that come for his challenges and donations and not for gaming videos. This channel was launched on April 7, 2020.

Like the other channels (Beast Reacts, MrBeast Shorts) and projects (MrBeast Burger), this channel was made as an additional source of income for his main channel's videos, in which after each video, Jimmy gradually budgets hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for the main channel's videos, not factoring paying his employees and doing taxes.

Some time after the launch of the channel, Jimmy and his crew launched their official Discord server, solely for the purpose of the gaming channel and not everything revolved around MrBeast. There are only announcements, information, and voice channels that are only accessible when MrBeast and the crew are recording for a video on the MrBeast Gaming channel.

Many videos and months later, Jimmy's friends and dozens of players have made thousands of dollars just by winning certain gaming challenges hosted by MrBeast. The most notable winner is Jertsu005, who has won three Minecraft challenges.

Videos and series

Jimmy and his friends have played various games, especially Minecraft. Sometimes, they have made multiple videos revolved around a certain game and sometimes just one-off episodes. This is the list of games with series of videos on their channel:

Moreover, the list of games with one-off episodes can be viewed here.

Many of the videos are challenges that involve a large sum of money as a reward, and many of the gaming videos tend to last around 10 minutes, more or less.


  • After the launch of this channel, newer Twitch donation videos were uploaded to this channel because these videos are somewhat related to gaming.
  • This channel's icon has the opposite colors to that of Beast Reacts.