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MrBeast Shorts is the fourth active YouTube channel by MrBeast. The premise of this channel revolves around MrBeast and his friends doing random things, often comedic. The videos are short (under a minute) and vertical, much like on TikTok.

As of October 2021, this channel gained a total of 980 million views and 9.6 million subscribers.


Made on August 21, 2020, Jimmy made this channel for posting his short videos. These videos are made for people who like watching shorts but can't because of TikTok being banned, like in India. He posts such videos on YouTube so that they can reach both his YouTube and TikTok audiences.

Like the other channels (MrBeast Gaming, Beast Reacts) and projects (MrBeast Burger), it was made as an additional source of income for his main channel's videos, in which after each video, Jimmy gradually budgets hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars for the main channel's videos, not factoring paying his employees and doing taxes. However, this channel makes less income than what his other channels and projects can do, because these videos are too short to put any additional advertisements in the middle of the video, but they are good for significantly gaining a larger audience.


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  • The channel icon is essentially the brighter version of that of the main MrBeast channel.
  • This channel alone has inspired hundreds, if not thousands of other YouTubers, to create a shorts channel for themselves (e.g. Dream created the "Dream Shorts" channel).