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Selling Houses For $1 is an expensive video created by MrBeast. Off-screen, Jimmy has bought five houses, and in the video, it was shown that he has later sold these houses for only a dollar at most.


"Download Basketball Arena and attend the $50,000 Win Streak Event " ― Official video description


The first house features at least one living room, a kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a gaming room and a gym in the place of a garage. It was sold for a dollar. After 30 minutes, a person arrived, and that person wasn't convinced that the house was that cheap, so Jimmy has shown his channel to convince him that the offer is real.

The second/third house is actually two separate houses combined into one. A black man, a white man, and a blonde lady chose the house B, which features a living room and kitchen downstairs, some Nerf blasters on the stairway, a master bedroom, a gaming room, a lifetime supply of toilet paper, and two bathrooms with bathtubs filled with one dollar bills. With a mother and her three kids coming to the practically free house, they weren't offered the house because it was already bought, but instead, her kids were given three bags of money. The white man was given the key to house A, while the black man and the blonde lady were given house B, making them neighbors.

The fourth house was given for free to someone in need instead of a dollar. Todd Hallow, Chandler's father, has a friend in need who has been going in and out in the hospital, so Todd was given Jimmy's credit card to buy his friend whatever furniture she needs.

The fifth house was basically the reward between two camera operators of the MrBeast channel, Tareq Edris and Brady Deluxe. They're tasked to put a dollar worth of pennies in the briefcase to buy the house and win it. Tareq's strategy was to ask for strangers exchange of pennies, while Brady's strategy was to simply ask a cashier the exchange of a dollar to a hundred pennies.

While that was happening, Todd and her wife were looking for a wide variety of furniture for the new house, like a TV, a couch, and more.

Given that Brady's strategy was much quicker, he arrived to the house earlier, Jimmy counted the pennies, and Brady has won the house. In that time, Tareq's slow strategy made him arrive later. The house includes a bathroom, a master bedroom, a closet, a living room with a large fireplace and aquarium, a kitchen, and a stairway that leads to a home theater. While they were having fun, they flipped a bottle and it landed vertically on the stairway.

Next, the crew went to Todd's friend's house, Felicia, which is now fully furnished. It had several TVs, a dining room with a grill, a kitchen with a lifetime supply of coffee, a master bedroom, a large bathroom, and more. Felicia came in with one of her friends and she was surprised and crying in joy. She checked around the rooms in the house and was shocked in happiness. One last thing that she was given is a free car. She then said to subscribe to MrBeast.



The thumbnail shows Jimmy holding a sign saying "FOR SALE $1", indicating that the house behind him only cost $1.


  • Originally, Jimmy was supposed to sell only three houses. However, since Jimmy has set higher standards for his videos (this means helping more people, increasing his budget, etc.), he decided to buy two more houses.
  • The budget for this video was over a million dollars.
  • This video was sponsored by Basketball Arena. During the sponsor, Chandler was playing basketball and missed all of the shots.
  • The first house had pictures of a Diamond from Minecraft and Frank, a cameo character from Spongebob Squarepants.
  • The gaming room in the second house included posters of Minecraft, Fortnite, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War, and the picture for the MrBeast Gaming channel. It also has a PS5, a gaming computer, and a shelf for retro consoles.
  • Despite the high like-to-dislike ratio, MrBeast took a couple of screenshots on his Twitter account of people that think his videos are fake because of the video's high standards. These people are usually newcomers to the channel and they didn't really know the channel's premises beforehand. Although despite all of this, MrBeast has really sold all of the houses in the video for a dollar at most.