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Zach Hallow is an affiliate of MrBeast and the brother of Cassidy, Chandler, and Hannah. He has appeared in multiple challenges, unlike his sisters, who've only appeared in one so far. He is known for his height. He has also appeared in some MrBro videos, likely to play on the fact that he's Chandler Hallow's brother. He is also taller than his brother, Chandler.

In I Bought The World's Largest Mystery Box! ($500,000), he made an appearance and opened the big mystery box worth $10,000 (picked by his brother Chandler), and that box contained lots of fireworks, which were launched at the end of that video.

He also made an appearance in the last challenge of Make THIS Shot, Win $300,000, where he and four other people were tasked to do a successful basketball shot from a long distance, for $200,000, and if any of them made a successful shot, they'd win $200,000.




  • His height is likely to be around 6.7 to 6.9 feet, or around 2 meters.
  • Zach is also known to be called "Tall Chandler" by MrBeast in the Last To Leave Revolving Door Wins video